Nano Mister

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The Nano Mister is a must have for all lash technicians.

Just plug into any usb to recharge.

This ultra - fine mist will ensure your client's eyes are not experiencing any discomfort due to fumes when you have completed your lash sets.

Clients will no longer need to wait 24 hrs before getting their lashes wet, the Nano Mister's fine mist will instantly cure the adhesive so clients can get their lashes wet as soon as 4 hrs after their application.

Direction :

Fill your Nano Mister using distilled water.

Hold the nano mister 10-12 inches away from lashes and mist for 15-20 seconds over each eye.

Advise your client to keep their eyes closed during this process, if they are still experiencing discomfort due to fumes you may repeat the process again.