NOVA Adhesive

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NOVA Adhesive 5 mls 

Our best selling Nova Adhesive features 0.5-1 second dry time.

This glue has a thin viscosity, flexible hold with low fumes.

Versatile for classic, volumes and mega volume sets.

Ideal Environment : 4-22°C, 30-70%

(Can work in lower humidity/temperature: slower dry time)

(Can work in higher humidity/temperature: quicker dry time)

Storage : 4 Months unopened

4-6 Weeks Opened

Retention : 6-8 Weeks

Color : Black

Store opened bottle in original packaging with silica pack or submerged in dry rice.

*UNOPENED bottle can be stored in the refrigerator NOT in the freezer.

*Do not store opened bottle in the refrigerator.